Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 5.13.38 PMZef Rafaz Productions actively produces promotional videos for companies, schools, sports teams, and even political campaigns. If you are interested in producing a video, then we are the team to do it for you!


$40 per hour of production (planning, filming, editing)


$200 per minute of video running time


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5th Place (out of 346) – Mountain Shadow Short Film Competition – ‘The Forgotten Part of America’

Official Selection – Mountain Shadow Short Film Competition – ‘The Forgotten Part of America’

2017 Visionary Award – Rockland Youth Film Festival – ‘Go Home’ and ‘The Forgotten Part of America’

Official Selection – Rockland Youth Film Festival – Go Home: The Tale of a Refugee

Official Selection – Rockland Youth Film Festival – The Forgotten Part of America

Official Selection  – Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival – ‘The Forgotten Part of America’

Runner-Up Audience Choice Award – Group A: the 48 Hour Film Project – ‘One Last Race’

Official Selection – All-American High School Film Festival – ‘The Forgotten Part of America’

Official Selection – Stories Lived – ‘Through a New Lens’

Official Selection – Stories Lived – ‘Crystal’

Official Selection and Semi-Finalist – Les Films de la Toile – ‘Road to Unity’


Honorable Mention – White House Student Film Festival – ‘Road to Unity’

Official Selection – Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival – ‘Road to Unity’

Official Selection and Best PSA – Rockland Youth Film Festival – ‘Road to Unity’

Official Selection and Finalist – All-American High School Film Festival – ‘Road to Unity’

Official Selection – Grand IndieWise Convention – ‘Road to Unity’

Official Selection – Newark IFF Youth Festival – ‘Road to Unity’

Finalist – Blackmagic Screenplay Pitch Competition –  ‘Verno’


Spirit Award – Des Moines 48 Hour Film Festival – ‘Shagird’

Fez Zafar – Founder; Head Writer, Director, Editor, Producer; Co-Head Cinematographer

Fez Zafar founded Zef Rafaz Productions in the sixth grade, when he began posting online skits and short films with fellow classmates. Over time, he has continued to develop his use of professional technical and visual techniques, in order to better himself as a filmmaker.

Fez is also the Founder of Site for Smiles and Smarts (, a non-profit charity tasked with the mission to raise awareness and funds for the education and well-being of disadvantaged, poor, and orphaned children in different parts of the world. Fez often divides his time between writing his next screenplay, engaging the local community in fundraising events to aid his project, taking part in competitive swimming and student council, and playing jazz piano. He is also a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Thomas Branstad Phillips – Lead Actor; Co-Head Cinematographer

Tommy Branstad Phillips was the first team member to join Zef Rafaz Productions, after Fez Zafar, in 2014. He quickly took on the role of becoming the lead actor in many of the projects undertook by the organization, and for the past year he has begun work as co-cinematographer for many of the works in which he does not appear on screen.

Tommy spends his time reading Kurt Vonnegut novels, discussing politics, trying new foods, watching movies, taking part in competitive swimming, and playing soccer.

Blythe Ennis – Lead Actress; Production Coordinator; Publicist

Blythe Ennis is known as a lead actress in many of Zef Rafaz Productions’ projects, a role she entered in 2015. Whether it is playing a dancer, wife, news host, and much more, Blythe is a person of many talents! Along with acting, she helps coordinate shooting schedules for short films, while also publicizing ZFP’s films to wide audiences on social media.

Blythe spends her time singing in show choir (in which she annually competes at All-State), practicing with her roller derby team, playing competitive volleyball, and going for walks with friends!

Suraj Moorjani – Lead Actor, Co-Writer

Suraj Moorjani works as a lead actor in several ZFP films. Since 2015, Suraj has acted onscreen in a variety of music videos, while playing “Clarence Patel” in the feature film, ‘Wise Guys’. Suraj is passionate over acting, and enjoys brainstorming ideas for new films with the writing team.

Outside of onscreen acting, Suraj enjoys singing in show choir, taking part in theatre, watching musicals, and spending time with friends. Suraj also likes learning about his heritage in both Indian and Lithuanian culture. Finally, Suraj is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Logan Kempf – Lead Actress; Head of Makeup Design; Production Coordinator

Logan Kempf was the second employee after Tommy Branstad Phillips to join Zef Rafaz Productions, in 2014. From the start, Logan has starred in many of ZFP’s short films and music videos, while also leading the makeup department during production of projects. Logan also helps coordinate shooting schedules for short films.

Logan spends her time riding horses, filming makeup tutorials, visiting the movie theater with friends, and spending time with her parents and sister.

Omar Mustafa – Lead Actor; Casting

Omar Mustafa was the fourth employee to join Zef Rafaz Productions, in 2015, acting in the 48 Hour film, ‘Shagird’. After appearing on screen in numerous music videos and short and feature films, Omar began to take on the job of helping cast roles to newcomer-actors in the community. Through this position, Omar has extended ZFP’s local and international outreach, working with Fez Zafar to oversee the applications of actors and actresses to be cast in a film.

Omar enjoys taking part in sports, especially cross-country, competitive swimming, and soccer. He is fond of the science fiction genre, and is often keen on implementing CGI and visual effects within ZFP’s projects. Outside of film, Omar spends time playing video games with friends and taking scenic walks through the park with his siblings.

Francis Butruille – Lead Actor; Publicist; Co-Writer

Francis Butruille joined Zef Rafaz Productions in 2016, making his debut in the award-winning short film, ‘Road to Unity’. Soon after, Francis starred in the feature, ‘Wise Guys’, before entering a role as co-writer for future projects. While maintaining this position, Francis became a co-publicist for Zef Rafaz Productions, promoting the organization’s projects throughout the global community.

Francis is also the co-president of the cycling club at his school, and enjoys riding through scenic areas with friends. Francis also spends time practicing for marching band and jazz band; he plays the mellophone, trumpet, and the french horn.

Greta Donovan – Lead Actress; Script Supervisor

Greta Donovan joined Zef Rafaz Productions in 2016. Since her first role, Greta has continued to build upon her talent in acting to be the best actress she can be. After taking part in her first music video, a Nerd-themed parody of “Panda”, Greta began working as a script supervisor during production, working with the director to ensure each scene had been completed as storyboarded.

Outside of acting, Greta enjoys visiting the park with her friends, cooking, taking care of her pet chickens, and spending time with her brother and parents.

Maaz Mustafa – Lead Actor; Gaffer

Maaz Mustafa was the fifth employee to join Zef Rafaz Productions, in 2015, marking his entry with his role in the 48 Hour film, ‘Shagird’. After making acting appearances in a few short films, Maaz began taking on an additional offscreen role as gaffer, maintaining lighting equipment for scenes during shooting.

When not working as an actor or gaffer, Maaz spends time watching movies, especially of the horror genre. Maaz is also an avid basketball player, playing competitively with his school’s team. He can often be found practicing outside with his friends or his brother.